* As a representative of the Government of Zambia and, on my own behalf as a Zambian citizen, I find these journeys to Zambia enriching and amazing. They truly share with participants the heart, spirit, and souls of the Zambian people, and I sincerely believe that together, our efforts will move us closer to our vision of a sustainable Zambia. The visits to Zambia also enrich the participants. As one of the Friends of Zambia stated, Truly, Zambia's number one tourist attraction is the people.
Ambassador Inonge Mbikusita-Lewanika, Ambassador of the Republic of Zambia to the United States

* The trip to Zambia was amazing. Nike Foundation invests in helping to empower the world's most disadvantaged girls so they can transform their lives, their families, communities and countries, and I've had the privilege to travel and work in many cultures but rarely have I participated in such a powerful, well-organized, action-orienting and enlightening experience as this trip.
Maria Eitel, President, Nike Foundation

* The Whole trip was beyond. Beyond cool to see some of the world's most beautiful animals, even from our hotel room! Beyond heartbreaking to see such beautiful children and people lacking basic necessities and opportunities. Beyond wonderful to talk to with people, to listen, learn and feel connected to our brothers and sisters in Zambia.
Bill Hoogterp, Co-Founder, Club Mom

* Six months later, Zambia remains with me every day in a lot of different ways& my life has changed. The trip remains inside my head in images and feelings which will not leave me& [I became aware of] opportunities and connections which have given me the energy to do something where before I would have done nothing.
Dave Allen, Co-Founder, ?Whatif!

* The trip was well planned and organized, and there was a lot of value derived from the people and organizations we met. We continue to develop projects, economic as well as humanitarian which we hope will give our journey long lasting effects.
Greg Barnhill, Partner & Member of the Board, Brown Advisory Securities, LLC


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