About Us: Board of Directors

Elaine Little
(President and Co-founder)

Elaine Little is a documentary photographer who captures the realities of everyday life—how young people live, learn, work, and play. From remote Ecuadorian mountain villages to the streets and schools of Harlem, to the townships of South Africa, Elaine has photographed candid moments in the lives of young people and their families in more than 40 countries.

For the last 16 years Elaine Little has worked with organizations dedicated to children and families—helping them to effectively communicate their mission and accomplishments through the use of powerful and authentic images.

In 1991 Elaine founded World Photo Images in order to make her photographs available to organizations, institutions and groups who have a common commitment to children and families. Through photo essays, books, exhibits, multi-media presentations, and other mediums, World Photo Images is working to educate audiences about the plight and promise of today’s young people.

A graduate in communications from the University of Colorado, Elaine has published three books for children. She lives in Maryland with her husband and daughter.


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